Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Customer Feedback

A few kind words from our client's about their experience with McRae Technologies, LLC...

"Nick you are wonderful!  You are so knowledgeable and have so much insight!  I really truly appreciate your help and patience with me. "

K. Goode
Custom Software - Client

You’re the man! It looks like it is working perfectly! This should fix months of confusion, and profit losses due to incorrect freight calculations.
Great work!"
B. Bosgal
Custom Software - Client

"While managing the Application Development team at Synovia, I had the opportunity to engage Nick and his company on multiple occasions. Nick’s work was always of a very high quality with very few bugs and a genuinely solid feel. In conversations with Nick and in viewing his work, I can attest that he is highly skilled and a top notch developer. The professional manner with which he handled communication, invoicing, and all aspects of business were nothing short of spectacular. Nick and his company easily outpace the competition by being extremely flexible, easy to work with and delivering outstanding results. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Nick and McRae Technologies in the future and highly recommend him to anyone seeking custom software development of the highest quality that is delivered on time and on budget."

T. Sherfy
Software Development Manager

"As a project manager I generally feel that there is a need for more oversight of contractors. This was definitely not the case with Nick. He was a great asset to our team. He took his role seriously and kept the project on track and communicated well. He volunteered to work any additional needed time to meet the needs of the customer.

He was a pleasure to work with and would recommend him for any company. "

A. Bridgeman
Project Manager, PMO

"...Nick has finished the work we requested. We have gone over the new links and everything works perfectly!
Nick did a fabulous job. THANK YOU!"

C. Rhodes
Custom Software - Client

"Please pass along my special thanks to Nick. He was impeccably courteous and responsive. Nice to know I am working with a professional group of folks."

D. Harms
Custom Software - Client

"Hi Nick,

Happy New Year!

We have just sent an email out to everyone telling them about the website … you name will also be mentioned in the meetings. The website is great. Thank you so much. "

D. Carpenter
Web Design - Client


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